Metal Stamping
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Metal Stamping

After a succesful start of injection moulding production we have enhanced our services by sheet metal stamping. We offer the solutions based on a long-term know-how and experiences from mother companies. Experienced project management is supported by a resident engineering program. Our customers benefit from our support in part design finishing.
Portfolio / production
Our services offer stamping of sheet metal parts of the thickness from 0,3 to 4 mm and with a coil up to 850 mm. Typical volumes are from 10 thousand to 1 million. Standard stamping production is enhanced by special operations such as nut inserting (also automatic), spot welding,  tampon-printing, de-greasing and manual assembling.
Tool shop
In a addition to our own tools/moulds maintenance department, we have strong support from big tool shop in Viena International.
Thanks to this cooperation we could offer high flexibility of the tools building, modifications and spare parts manufacturing.

Machine park

We are equipped with 16 eccentric and 4 hydraulic presses which are used in a serial production with additional manual or semi-automatic work.

Additional production possibilities are: riveting, screwing, spot-welding, tampon-printing, nut inserting.

Machine Tonnage Production Type Pieces
Graebner 630t Progressive Crank  1 pc
ERFURT 400t Progressive Crank  1 pc
WEINGARTEN 315t Progressive  Crank  1 pc
WEINGARTEN 250t Progressive  Crank  1 pc
HAULICK 140t Progressive  Crank 1 pc
KAISER 400t Manual  Crank 1 pc
NEFF 315t Manual Hydraulic 1 pc
ERFURT 250t Manual  Crank  1 pc
SCHULER 250t Manual  Crank 2 pcs
LAUFER 160t Manual  Hydraulic 2 pcs
DVD 160t Manual  Crank 1 pc 
DVD 100t Manual  Crank  7 pcs 
HAEGER 2xautomat 3xManual  Hydraulic  5 pcs 
TAMPON PRINT     1 x UV  2 pcs 
SPOT-WELDING     1 till 3mm  1 pc 

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